Friday, July 21, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Just Got Paid' by Johnny Kemp

Broke into this song yesterday at work only to be greeted with blank stares from my 30something colleagues, who earlier in the day were talking about the suicide of the lead singer of Limp Bizkit Linkin Park -- a band I couldn't name one song by, much less who the lead singer is. Led me to Johnny Kemp's Wikipedia page, which sadly revealed that he too was dead, after falling and hitting his head while walking on some rocks off the coast of Montego Bay in 2015. RIP.


Brent said...

It was the lead singer of Linkin Park, not Limp Bizkit. Also, this song was covered by NSYNC in the early 2000s so most 30somethings ought to know it.

grapecherry said...

It was the lead singer of Linkin Park that died (by suicide)

Steve said...

Ummmm...perhaps Linkin Park. Which you probably know. I am older than you, and I know Linkin Park. He also was featured on the soundtrack of "Queen of the Damned."

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Thanks for the correction. Honestly haven't listened to the radio/MTV since I was a kid -- and haven't had a car since 1992 where I might have radio access -- so I'm blissfully unfamiliar with anything that's come along since unless I sought it out on my own (The Breeders, Belly, Goldfrapp, etc.).

@Steve: What is "Queen of the Damned"?

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