Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Justice Department Declares War on LGBT Community

We are officially under attack, folks. Racist Keebler Elf is clearly trying to get back in Trump's good graces -- and he doesn't care how many lives he destroys along the way.

ACLU Comment on Justice Department Position on Civil Rights Act and LGBT Protections 
July 26, 2017

Contact: Gabriela Melendez,, 202-906-9605

NEW YORK — The Justice Department filed a brief today arguing that LGBT people are not protected from discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

James Esseks, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's LGBT & HIV Project, said:

“On the day that will go down in history as Anti-LGBT Day, comes one more gratuitous and extraordinary attack on LGBT people’s civil rights. The Sessions-led Justice Department and the Trump administration are actively working to expose people to discrimination.

“Fortunately, courts will decide whether the Civil Rights Act protects LGBT people, not an Attorney General and a White House that are hell-bent on playing politics with people's lives. We are confident that the courts will side with equality and the people.”
While I like what the ACLU has to say about this backwoods attack on a certain class of people, my faith in the courts is nowhere near as strong as theirs -- especially after Democrats were literally robbed of a Supreme Court seat by Mitch McConnell, perhaps the worst Republican of them all.

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