Thursday, June 29, 2017

'Where' in the World Are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Walsh?

My sister-in-law, Jacqueline, writes a popular blog about life on Capitol Hill. Much to our delight, one of her eagle-eyed readers noticed this photo of the cover of a D.C. tourist freebie magazine, which happens to be a photo of Jacqueline and my brother Bill walking home from a Washington Nationals game! She says it must have been from spring 2016 because they only attended one game last year, shortly before my brother's diagnosis. I found this discovery incredibly touching -- so candid -- and it reminded me of two other inadvertent magazine appearances by members of my family. My mom recalls the time the side of my dad's head could be seen in Life magazine sitting in the train station in Chicago when they were returning from Omaha (her hometown) to Pottsville, Pa., about a month or two before Bill was born. (If there's a copy in the family archives, I've yet to see it.) And one of my fellow interns noticed my big head sticking out in a crowd of Washington press corps members at a White House event on the cover of the National Journal back in 1989! Has this ever happened to you?

Part of stock-image history!

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