Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Wait Out the Storm' by the Debora Iyall Group

The Debora Iyall Group minus keyboard player Paula Sutor

Nice new track by the former singer/songwriter of Romeo Void, which sounds like it could have been on a follow-up to "Strange Language." These days Debora Iyall teaches high school in Riverside County, Calif., but still writes and performs with the Debora Iyall Group -- details of which she writes about here:
I've been lucky in my life to have talented and generous musicians work with me to write and perform songs as part of my cultural contribution to our time. Long after Romeo Void broke up illustrious guitarist Peter Dunne wrote this song with me, Wait Out The Storm. This recording is by Debora Iyall Group. Join us if you can on July 8th at The Ivy Room in Albany, CA. Where we play a bill with Barbara Manning. The combo of artists is a rare treat you'll want to share with friends. Get tickets now via Ticketfly HERE.

Also ...

Great Elvis Costello cover from a few years ago.

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Debora Iyall said...

Thank you doll. I'm proud to still be under your gaze, and in your ears!

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