Monday, June 12, 2017

Pulse Massacre Victims Remembered Outside Stonewall Inn

Attended Gays Against Guns' event this evening to celebrate those who were killed at the Pulse nightclub one year ago today. I must confess I became extremely emotional when the 49 people wearing white veils carrying photos of the victims walked by me. My cat Larry happened to die the same day of the massacre last year, so I was distracted with my own personal grief at the time and never really felt like I processed the horror of it all. Survivor Keinon Carter, who lost a brother to gun violence, gave a moving speech that got the water works going yet again. This organization is so right that the best way to honor the victims of this needless crime is with action. Vote against and any lawmaker who supports the NRA and learn about other ways to fight back HERE.

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Michael Diamond said...

It was a pretty nice ceremony. although, I think all the names should have been read at once instead of separated by musical interludes. I was most disheartened by how few people showed up to pay their respects. The gathering was quite small for a city as big as ours.