Monday, June 05, 2017

Malaysia Launches $1,000 Contest for Videos on How Youth Can 'Prevent' Homosexuality

Why are we ready to go to war over a bakery that won't make a cake for a gay wedding, yet we barely acknowledge when a nation that has criminalized gay sex (punishable by sentences of up to 20 years) does vile things like this? (Hint: Because it's a Muslim majority country and everyone's too afraid to stand up for fear of being called Islamophobic -- so they sit around patting themselves on the back for being so enlightened to know that not all Muslims are homophobes and terrorists. Kudos!) And did you know a former deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim, was convicted of “sodomy” and the Malaysian government also recently endorsed conversion therapy? Wake up, activists! Moderate Indonesia is just as bad. Read HERE.


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