Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Michael Musto Roast Served Up in NYC

An eclectic group of hookers, models, actresses and waitresses kept legendary journo Michael Musto squirming in his seat during a birthday roast benefiting the wonderful Callen-Lorde clinic in Chelsea. Read all about it HERE!

Some highlights:
Judy Gold to Michael Musto: 
"Michael Musto is Al Franken run over by a pride parade.”  
Bruce Vilanch to United Airways: 
“I came in from LA for this. It was incredible this morning as they dragged me off my United flight. Which was really unusual because I thought United only does Chinese take-out.”  
Johnny Skandros to Countess LuAnn: 
“You’re the worst thing to happen to music since Whitney Houston started taking baths.”

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