Monday, May 22, 2017

Hate and Homophobia Roundup -- UPDATE


The Guardian: Manchester police confirm 22 dead, 59 injured after explosion following Ariana Grande concert. Suicide-bomber suspected.

WGRZ: Gay Couple and Their 3 Kids Denied ‘Family Boarding’ Privileges by Southwest Airlines

This is never going to end, is it?

Towelroad: Dublin Gay Bar Hit With Homophobic, Neo-Nazi Graffiti

Boy Culture: Indonesia Police Arrest 141 Men Accused of Having Gay Sex Party

The Daily News: That sounds about right.

International Business Times: Texas Curbs Transgender Students' Right to Choose Bathrooms

NPR: Suspect in hate killing is a member of 'Alt-Reich' Facebook group, police say

DNAinfo: Catholic School Teacher Says Students Outed Him As Gay — Then He Was Fired 

The Australian: Bangladeshi police arrest 29 at LGBT meet

Salon: Mississippi Rep. Karl Oliver says those removing Confederate monuments "should be lynched" (He's "sorry" now.)


Myk said...

It will diminish over time, but for the present - be vigilant.

macguffin Fifty four said...

The "family boarding" story might be false. The airline's response is that there was an additional person (a woman, other than kids and the couple) they were trying to get on the flight under "family boarding" process, whatever that is. The family was allowed to board, but separate from the woman. At least, that is what the airline is saying. Sounds plausible.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@macguffin: But it was one of the dads' 83-year-old mother -- the kids' grandmother! Hard to imagine this happening to a straight couple's mother.

jo gerardo said...

Traveling from Miami to Brazil on United, I was denied family boarding, even though he was pushing his Mom in her wheelchair and I had our carry on luggage. I saw them pile her bags on her like she was a mule. Earlier, they wouldn't let us get our boarding passes together.
They were so smug and bitchy about it, we stayed for a year before coming back to the US.
When we finally came back, US Customs separated us and I got detained for 3 hours. Officer: "You're from Austin? I love hanging out on 5th Street. Why are you laughing?". Me: "5th is where all the gay bars and prostitutes are." He kept me for another hour.

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