Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wrestle Wednesday

Is he his coach or his lover? More questionable/hot interaction HERE.


Bill Reyno said...

I love Wednesdays.

Val Neo said...

Probably both. Love how he rubbed his pecs with his knuckles. Very seductive.

VegasDude said...

Back in high school, grades 10-12, class of 1980 in Portland, OR... The hot mid 20's something Varsity girls swim team coach was boning half the team.. The later 20's buff studly shop /weight class teacher - boys Varsity wresting coach had a lot more than his hands in a few hot bodybuilder / gymnasts / wrestler studs shorts too. He'd been my shop teacher in Jr High, grades 7-9, and transferred to the HS same year I transitioned to my Sophomore year..
Our school district had 2 Jr Highs... My Jr High was in a middle class area.. The other Jr High, across the street from the High School was in an affluent Area...
There'd been fag rumors about me in Jr High.. I'm sure he'd overheard jocks talking about... He'd caught me numerous times checking out his bulge, his ass, his huge biceps straining his tight t-shirts... and always had this somewhat amused knowing smirk...
I was the fat kid in Jr High that shed all the weight during the transition summer to High School.. When signing up for classes, I was surprised by his transfer... I took Shop class again, just because he had that Eye Candy Factor goin on.. First day of class I could tell he was totally shocked, doing a double-take encountering the newly thin me with the killer ass ..
Now the tables were turned.. Former amusing crush, suddenly transformed into a never imagined distraction.. This time I'd be the one catching him staring at my now Hot Ass... I'd smile coyly and lock my "fuck me" eyes with his longing gaze just long enough...teasing him before turning away... I'd figured him out.. and he knew it..
There were times I'd go to ask him something.. and he'd actually get all flustered... a first... and I'd be thinking.. OMG. I'm actually making mr stud nervous.. Now this is Quite Amusing !!.
I'd mowed lawns from age 10, had my 1st car paid for at 15.. worked 40 hrs week through Jr/Sr year at a grocery store.. was a cashier by end of Sr year... Good money at the time..
I had a good work ethic, and Loved Cars.. I had a '69 Camaro RS Convertible my Jr year that made even the Rich kids with new cars jealous..
Flash forward a couple months after Graduation. My work was 2 school districts / 7 miles away.. Cashiering, I look up, and there is Mr Stud... We talk a bit.. he mentions that for being 18, I make more money than he does..
Thinking back, i've often wondered..... his couple of jock playthings in HS were all from affluent families.. heading off to Ivy league schools.. and here I am.. Hometown kid, not going anywhere, with a good work ethic and decent job at 18... was he actually attracted to me, flirting with me? testing the waters?..
He was only 10 years older than me... and that was Definitely his stomping grounds.... Why didnt I make an effort to meet up sometime? How could I have been SO stupid to let that one slip by.. He was/is the Epitome' of my type..

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