Monday, April 17, 2017

The Goodbye 'Girls'

Can't say enough about how relieved I am that "Girls" is finally over for good. I was loyal to the end but definitely think my life was in no way enriched for the experience of watching an entitled brat whine about life as, well, an entitled brat. While some were at least enjoying hate-watching it, I was busy hating myself for religiously tuning in -- ironically in sort of a Hannah-OCD kind of way -- wishing I had jumped ship the way Sexy Charlie had. (These people had no real problems, and I get angry every time I think of how stupid and implausible it constantly was. Remember when Hannah orally raped Ray in a coffee truck and it flipped off the road? And when everyone at Marnie's wedding jumped into a muddy pond in their white suits BEFORE the ceremony????? And when Jessa and Adam completely destroyed every single item in their apartment like two lunatics??? And when Desi randomly had a wall built in a rental???? And how everyone was constantly buck-naked in front of everyone else?????) Last week's episode was the perfect finale for the show about four insufferable and solipsistic young women, yet Lena Dunham couldn't leave well enough alone, opting for a pointless -- and horribly forced -- "jump ahead" sendoff, filled with painstakingly obvious motherhood moments. I'd say "What was she thinking?" but the more I watched her (not) mature as a writer and person (Dunham) and character (Hannah), the more I realized I just didn't care. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from Issa Rae, whose female-driven HBO show, "Insecure" is funny, charming and rings true in a way "Girls" never did.



Bill Carter said...

I bailed on "Girls" a little more than half way through the first episode, and never looked back. Somehow, my life went on.

No regrets.

Ray Souza said...

I couldn't disagree with you more. I loved watching Girls, thought it was very funny and, often touching. I saw it as the "dark side" of Sex and the City and I believe they portrayed privileged,immature, self-involved white girls perfectly. I also thought it was meaningful. I'm 71 years old and still trying to get over myself!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Ray Souza: You're adorable! xo

Blobby said...

I thought Soshana's send-off them was perfect: "let's just agree to call-it". No shit!

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