Friday, April 07, 2017

On the Rag, Vol. 452

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay mags:

The Fight (Los Angeles): White Party DJ Dan Slater flaunts his stuff

DNA (Australia): Matthew Rettenmund gets his first photo spread in print in Issue 207!

Winq (U.K.): The Pope welcomes Luxembourg’s Prime Minister and his husband to the Vatican

Get Out!: This one's all about "RuPaul's Drag Race"

TĂȘtu (France): Jonathan Gillot: "For my first novel, I exploited the fantasy of the repentant skinhead"

Metro Weekly (D.C.): Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan has some ideas on how Democrats can win back Congress, starting with actually listening to voters.

Out in Jersey: “Million Dollar Quartet” is a hot jam session with Carl’s boys

QX (London): Easter weekend Festival 2017

Passport: Better know LGBT activist and "When We Rise" author Cleve Jones

Flame (Detroit): Grayson Mitchell Papp shares his transition process

Outlook Ohio: Kathy Griffin covers the Midwestern mag

Gay Times: Is Cristiano Ronaldo about to take it all off for us?

NKD Magazine: Meet singer/songwriter Hunter Hayes 

The Gay U.K.: Want to seeing Chris Pratt's morning wood?

Grab (Chicago): Meet Damon Heart

Q Salt Lake: Chris Wharton launches campaign for Salt Lake City Council District 3

GT (London): Connor Franta is out front

... but it's what's INSIDE that you won't want to miss!

Cybersocket (not work friendly: Fetish & kink hit the stands in Los Angeles 

MetroSource: Raconteur Penny Arcade: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Gloss Magazine: San Francisco is ready for the biggest tea dance of the season

Attractive Men:  Quitting Facebook leads to higher levels of well-being

Rage Monthly: Coming out country!

HIV Plus: 10 surprising things you may not know about HIV testing

1 comment:

Peter Maria said...

1.) Why does your Cybersocket link take you to their Facebook page instead of their website ?

2.) Since I'm using a pseudonym and none of what I'm about to write should hurt him, I'd like to brag that I got Mark Pocan to get my friends and I a room at the Hotel Continental in Chicago back when I was a baby gay in the 90's. He was staying there for some sort of conference, and was down from Wisconsin. The expectation was sex when he came to our room to "just make sure we were taken care of." At that time, my relationship had been opened (without my consent) by my increasingly psychotic and abusive so-called boyfriend, so I didn't think there would be a problem. I was very wrong. Psychotic "boyfriend" was jealous that I was the one who Mark wanted. Anyway, we finally managed an awkward oral quickie in the bathroom. I remember he was a great kisser, very much into body contact, and had a nice endowment. He also did his best to let me know that I was in danger and that relationships shouldn't be like that, but unfortunately it took me a few more years to realize that. Anyway, he was a very nice man and a fun time. I've followed his political career ever since.

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