Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Meet 5-11, 202-Pound Running Back Christian McCaffrey

The upcoming NFL draft prospect may have already made a deal with an NFL team. The Stanford running back is 5'11" and 202 lbs; his father played wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. More meat HERE.


Bill Carter said...

Why does Christian McCaffrey get all the news coverage? Why don't we ever hear about Jewish McCaffrey, Muslim McCaffrey, or Scientologist McCaffrey?

I call bias and favouritism.

Episcopalian McCaffrey

Calling Shennanigans said...

For a macho sport, the positions are very homoerotic.. Tight ends, wide receivers, power bottom (that may only apply to Aaron Rogers though..)

Steve said...

Not only is he hot, it seems he is also a nice guy. Too bad he played for Stanford & that his father is a retired Bronco (Ed McCaffrey.) Christian is the best looking of the 4 brothers, although Max is taller (plays for Green Bay). His youngest brother is still in High School and the other just graduated.