Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Taxing My Patience

The backlash against people disappointed in Rachel Maddow's "We have Trump's taxes!" story has begun, but it's misguided: No one's "furious" or questioning her journalistic chops. We're just perplexed that she billed this as the culmination of all her excellent reporting, that seemed like it would reveal the conflicts of interest/financial ties to finally explain his hardon for Russia. In the end, many felt Trump leaked the two unrevealing pages himself, picking a year pre-Russian entanglement and one in which he actually paid taxes (albeit a bullshit amount offset by a bullshittier write-off) in a (successful) attempt to get people to stop talking about Trumpcare. (I'm not sure one way or the other.) Still, I do agree that by getting everyone to watch, the world got a recap of her last three to four weeks of reporting on Trump's business conflicts, which was a bait-and-switch that was ultimately useful and can be forgiven -- even though MSNBC used a countdown clock!!!!!!!

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JimmyD said...

I'm not mad at her. This was just her 'Inside Capone's Vault' moment.
It was so hyped... tho... the difference is that they KNEW what they were going to reveal. But... that's how you get viewers/clicks.

I AM annoyed with Wikileaks, who say they have the tax records people are demanding.
Why are they holding out?

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