Wednesday, March 15, 2017

'Jane' Heirs

With the gays in a frenzy over "Feud" -- my best friend said he can't watch it because Susan Sarandon is so bad -- Boy Culture decided to answer the question: What ever happened to the kids from "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"? Read HERE.


Funbud said...

I am really enjoying "Feud", much to my own surprise. Sarandon may disappoint some as she is not doing a direct Bette Davis impersonation, rather she seems to be going for a more nuanced portrayal of Bette's essence. Lange is more subdued as Crawford. I think she might be trying too hard to stay away from Faye Dunaway's "Mommie Dearest" version of Joan and trying to bring out the more sympathetic side of Joan. But it's enjoyable watching either way.

Matthew said...

I like your title better!

Blobby said...

my lord - then it's just not me thinking Sarandon stinks. just awful.

JimmyD said...

I'm enjoying it. It's a lot of fun.
Let's be honest... the criticism of Sarandon is political. They are both really good in this. Neither are doing impersonations. I don't think many people could really tell if ANYONE was doing it... right? How much candid footage is there of either Crawford or Davis?
Also... the person who thinks Madonna is a good actress has no right passing this kind of judgement. If you have ANY interest, watch the first two episodes and decide for yourself.

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