Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Out Looks for Its Most Eligible Bachelor

The nominees for Out's most eligible bachelor are out now -- and a few of them aren't drag queens! Peruse the candidates and vote HERE.


Anonymous said...

Somebody must be fixated on whoever Jacob Bixenman is, though a quick search indicates he's no longer eligible. As of this post he's way in the lead with Adam Lambert the only one even close. Got a few votes in for my faves--Billy Eichner and Lisle Richards.

Bill Carter said...

Out's 100 most eligible bachelors? Really? This is what they came up with?

(I'm embarrassed to write this kind of bitchy post. I usually hate pissy comments like this, but unless Out is defining "most eligible" as "still hanging out in the bar ten minutes before closing", I can't see why 90% of these people are on the list, and god knows I don't have very high standards.)

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