Sunday, February 26, 2017

Actor Bill Paxton Is Dead at 61

Fans around the world are reeling from the news that TV and movie favorite Bill Paxton has unexpectedly died at 61, from complications of heart surgery. Although he would go on to star in numerous blockbusters -- "True Lies," "Apollo 13," "Twister" and "Titanic" -- and the HBO hit "Big Love," it was his turn as the world's nastiest older brother in "Weird Science" that is forever seared in the minds of Generation Xers like myself -- mainly the ASS SCENE

RIP, Chet.


Jeffery said...

Actor Bill Paxton has died at age 61. Paxton died suddenly on Saturday due to complications from surgery, the family tells TMZ in a statement. Paxton died Saturday after undergoing heart surgery, according to TMZ. He suffered a fatal stroke during post-operation complications, the site reports.

jaragon said...

Sad news- a very good actor and a handsome man