Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Fast and the Reckless

First Paul Walker and his friend needlessly died driving like maniacs, now a 24-year-old Maserati salesman? I guess young(er) people really do think they're invincible.

The Daily News reports:
A Colorado Maserati salesman died early Saturday when he wrecked one of his dealership’s luxury sports cars shortly after he posted Facebook Live video of himself zipping down a highway at 111 mph. 
Brandon Gianopoulos, 24, lost control of the pricey vehicle overnight while driving around Douglas County, KUSA-TV reported. A passerby spotted the 2017 Maserati covered in frost Saturday morning in a retention pond.

Gianopoulos, who was the only person in the car when it crashed, worked at Mike Ward Maserati in Highlands Ranch, a job that gave him access to the fleet of luxury sports cars.

Investigators believe excessive speed was a factor in the crash. Hours before he was found dead behind the wheel, Gianopoulos posted Facebook Live video showing him speeding in a Maserati, accelerating from 2 to 111 mph. 

According to his Facebook profile, Brandon was originally from Boston and enjoyed working out. RIP.

1 comment:

jaragon said...

He had the looks but lacked the brain...sad story

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