Friday, January 27, 2017

Party Like It's 2008 ... or Something

Venus versus Serena? Roger versus Rafa? This Australian Open has been filled with many surprises -- some good, some not. But I'm more than OK with how the finals shaped up, where everyone is over 30 and the combined total of Grand Slam titles is 60! No matter who wins, it's an incredible accomplishment for everyone -- except if Serena loses. (Fingers crossed.)

Note how my brother ended his not-good update on his cancer treatment yesterday, in which he announced he was undergoing surgery to have a rod installed in his leg because the tumor on his femur was growing so quickly it was about to break the bone:

UPDATE: Bill's wife says the insertion (huh-huh) went fine and that he can go home when he's ready tomorrow. 

... and his room has ESPN!


Anonymous said...

kenneth, don't forget the bryan brother's final in men's doubles.

Dwight Williamson said...

Fighters are my heroes!

Anonymous said...

great to hear bill's going home!

Tennis Fan said...

I'm beginning to think Serena is the GOAT, woman or man.

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