Monday, January 30, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (01/30)

Not only has this "plan" proven to be completely unworkable and almost certainly illegal, it doesn't even make sense using the "logic" that inspired it. The post-9/11 terrorist attacks that have happened in the U.S. were carried out by homegrown extremists, not refugees. And 9/11 was carried out by nearly all Saudis, a country not included on the list and one in which Trump just happens to have business interests. Kudos to the U.S. for ripping this un-American order to shreds.

Massacre in Quebec is horrifying on so many levels -- but why did I know it was going to turn out if was carried out by one person despite reports that there were at least two?

Trump travel order sows chaos ...

My friend Yogi explains how an antacid is the secret ingredient for making a fluffy cake! Read HERE.

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