Thursday, January 26, 2017

LGBT March on Washington Set for June 11

Wow, this is exciting news! Coming off the success of the Women's March on Washington, organizers of the D.C. Pride Festival are working together with a gay activist from Brooklyn to create a National Pride March scheduled to take place on June 11.

Via the organizers:
Additional details about the March will follow, but we are working in conjunction with the Capital Pride Alliance, in Washington, DC to incorporate the March into the 2017 Celebration of Pride in the Nation’s Capital. We want to build off the momentum the strong women in the US and around the world started on January 21st. They set the tone with their leadership and it is our intention as a community to follow their lead and play our part. This will be an ALL inclusive and peaceful event! We urge all supporters, friends, and family to descend on DC for the Pride 2017 weekend (June 8-11th) to make sure our voices are heard. If you cannot attend the March in Washington, DC, we urge you to reach out to your local Pride organizations to assist in creating solidarity through your existing Pride events. Let’s make this truly a “National Pride March” that spreads from coast to coast and shows solidarity through our Pride movement.
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I'll never forget the 1993 March on Washington. I had just arrived in town from Los Angeles and hopes were high as Bill Clinton entered the White House. But it didn't take long for Republicans' Contract With on America to set us back another 10 years. While the situation is somewhat reminiscent of where we are today, now that we are fighting to KEEP rights instead of acquiring them, I'm expecting this summer's march to take on a whole new tone and meaning.

The Memorial AIDS Quilt, which now has its own website HERE.

Although I had been to some AIDS rallies in Phoenix in '87, the March for Women's Equality in Washington in 1989 was my first big one. Although they can be a bit overwhelming at times, there is something wholly unique about being surrounded by people fighting for the same thing. Here's hoping the upcoming LGBT march is the biggest one yet -- we're going to need all the support we can get. 

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