Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Going Postal

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I'm kinda mortified that I actually told an older woman working at the Old Chelsea Post Office that I "hope she rots in hell," but I swear to god the words came out of my mouth completely involuntarily. I received a notice they had tried to deliver a package for me, but when I arrived at the Post Office the window at which you normally retrieve them had been converted into a PASSPORTS ONLY line, with the lobby filled with an inordinate number of people. I asked someone in the line if they too had package slips, and they said no, they were there for passports. (I deduced Trump's harebrained immigration ban had something to do with it, but wasn't sure how.) I then noticed a sign above a different window had one of the package slips taped above it, so I walked over toward it. 

At that point, the woman in question screamed across the lobby, "This line!" -- pointing to the main line for mailing boxes and buying stamps. 

I wasn't entirely sure she was talking to me, so I walked over to her and said, "Hi. I'm here to pick up a package." 

"This line," she replied. 

Not wanting to wait in a long line only to find out I had done it for nothing -- the line she was putting me in was completely separate from where I saw the picture of the "package slip" temporarily hanging and I've been going there for nearly 20 years and know you do not pick up packages in the main line -- I politely said, "Even if you have one of these slips?" 

"This line!" 

At that point I said, "OK. Is there something going here today? I've never seen it like this in here before on a Saturday." Her response? 

"This line!" 

Taken aback that she would not talk to me like a human being, I said, "Can you do a little better than that? I just want to know what's going on?" Her response? 

"This line!" 

At that point I became enraged while simultaneously realizing it was a bad day to pick up something that wasn't very urgent -- something was going on, even if she refused to tell me what -- so I decided to just come back another day. But as I turned around to exit she smirked at me and and I blurted out -- in a ridiculously calm and friendly tone -- "OK. I hope you rot in hell" to which she FINALLY responded to what I was actually saying to her: "I hope you do, too." 


JimmyD said...

Yay!! More stories like these (less... lazy links to Boy Culture).
As for her rotting in Hell... she works at the post office. She has been rotting in Hell for quite some time.
But! What your readers really want to know: What was in the package??

Jeffery said...

I have one of those power people at a post office I use as well. When I walk into that branch and she isn't there I know things will go much faster and smoother. When she's there I judge how many people are waiting and if I have the time and patiences to deal with her.

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