Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trump Suggests Game of BBQ Chicken

Turned a corner while discussing politics with my brother and his wife in Washington on Tuesday -- and apologies in advance to people who have children. But I now hope the GOP accomplishes every last one of its goals and turns the U.S. into a giant state of Kansas -- with a nuke on top. I'm not going to be alive that much longer anyway!

But if others want to harass members of this vile family, I say have at it. Read HERE.


Anonymous said...

once any politician announces publicly he is on both sides of over 2 dozens issues, i stop listening.

i've dealt with too many pathological liars in my lifetime to begin trusting one to do anything he says.

Dwight Williamson said...

Kenneth, we survived the evil cunning Dick Cheney mostly intact. God Bless our troops who suffer these civilians. Cheney was smarter by 10 fold than Trump and even Darth Vader couldn't sink the ship. My television has been off since Nov 8 . I read Joe my god and Towleroad and a few others for " serious" news then watch sports HGTV and The Food Channel and HBO. Fuck the rest! Hope visit has been a success Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Happy 😊 Holidays

Larry said...

It certainly would not do for me to accidently come across one of the orange clown's ass evil spawn, I fear my next date would be in prison....
I cut cable and use an HD antennae since 11/9 (the day that will truly live in infamy) and do Netflix and Amazon. Read headlines online to know what's going on in the world but I'm done with ingesting all that bile out there.

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