Saturday, December 10, 2016

Say Guncle!

I don't mean to disparage any of these wonderful men -- several of whom brought me great joy as a child. But you can't deny that young gay guys are fortunate to be growing up at a time when in addition to some campy out men, there are also gays of other walks of life, too. I wonder what I'd be today if I didn't spend my childhood thinking my only career choices were hairdresser, interior designer or a sarcastic wimp Mary Richards. 


Matthew said...

You'd possibly have grown up to be a man.

Just kidding!!!! xo I love the references to the queens of yore. Only the glass (is there anything more transparent and fragile?) closeted Rip Taylor still walks the earth.

jaragon said...

I agree Ken young gay men now have a more diverse role models to follow

Ariel said...

I still have trouble accepting myself...and my parent and family has....#isolation

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