Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Birthday to Our Bill on Capitol Hill!

My parents, Damian and I -- in conjunction with my brother's wife, Jacqueline -- all managed to get to D.C. in time to surprise Bill for his birthday today. (And he was really surprised!) Although it was a whirlwind visit with everyone together for less than 24 hours, we had a very special evening celebrating the birth of our family's brightest star, going through old photos my mother brought along, devouring Jacqueline's homemade chili, and trying to persuade their kitties, Charlie and George, to visit. Time feels very precious these days. But for tonight I'm very happy. xo

He'd be my favorite, too!

Illegally Yours: Billy had been preparing his whole life to make THIS viral video!

Winter in Ferndale, circa 1963


AlexandriaVic said...

How is Bill???

He looks robust!!

Merry Christmas to all!!

Editor said...

Glad you were able to see Bill again.

Wishing you and yours a good Holiday Season!

- Shane

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