Monday, December 05, 2016

Mistrial in Murder Case Against Cop Who Executed Walter Scott

My friend John wrote on Facebook that if you read "To Kill a Mockingbird" in school, you probably thought it was unfair when Tom Robinson was wrongly accused of rape and later killed after trying to escape jail when a jury convicted him anyway. Well, in the nonfictional case of Walter Scott's murder, an African-American man was executed and the murder was filmed. And a jury still wouldn't convict a white police officer who executed him and then lied about Scott having a gun in his possession. People keep telling us to soldier on -- and have the audacity to tell blacks they need to "wait for the system." But having already seen this exact same thing happen with Rodney King while I lived in Los Angeles -- a quarter century ago -- I'm more convinced than ever that there truly is no hope. If "all lives" truly matter, people, then why doesn't Walter Scott's?

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Dean Jennings said...

Likely one of two scenarios. 1. Juror was a plant, or 2. Someone got to the juror, because all you have to do is watch the tape of the shooting and it definitely was NOT self-defense. Scott was not armed and was fleeing with back turned to officer when officer upholstered and started firing - round after round after round. Presumably because the officer didn't want to give chase and it was just easier to shoot. Then the officer picked up the taser off the ground next to him and carried it over and dropped it next to Scott after he had collapsed to the ground some 75' to 100' away.

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