Sunday, December 25, 2016

George Michael Is Dead at 53

Tragic. Hearing "Last Christmas" will never be the same. The Santa Monica Observer is claiming the cause of death was AIDS-related pneumonia. Although Michael was hospitalized in 2011 with the illness, I'd have a lot more faith in the paper if it hadn't already "broken" the story that Prince died of AIDS earlier this year, which he did not.

If you had told me in high school that Whitney, Prince, Michael Jackson and now George would all be dead before I turned 50, I'd have died on the spot. RIP. 

This seems fitting.

UPDATE: Heart failure is now being circulated as the cause of death. Look for The Santa Monica Observer to prepare an AIDS-related obituary for Adam Lambert next. (Sigh.)


macguffin Fifty four said...

Madonna is truly the last music icon of the 80s. Let us not take her life and gifts for granted.

Dwight Williamson said...

Tortured souls, when does the sunshine break through!

JimmyD said...

Stop reading that Santa Monica rag!!!

Gary said...

Thanks for posting this. I'd only seen snippets on the news, etc. LOVED HIM. RIP George Michael.

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