Monday, November 07, 2016

Woman Shoved to Her Death in Front of Times Square Train

Harrowing news out of the Times Square subway station, that a 30-year-old woman pushed a 49-year-old woman into an oncoming 1 train, killing her instantly. (A woman who was neighbors and friends with my doubles partner in the gay tennis league here in the late '90s was pushed to her death by a mentally unhinged man in 1999, which led to the passage of Kendra's Law, which may be relevant here as today's attacker is said to suffer from serious mental-health issues as well.) Almost as disturbing as this horrific crime is the comments people are leaving on the story, which show that no matter what happens in tomorrow's election, "Trump's America" has won. I always thought these types of people were supposed to be dying off, replaced by open-minded millennials. But what I didn't realize was so many members of Generation X are way more like Baby Boomers than millennials. God help us all.

Some "highlights" -- and notice how they don't even know the sex of the victim but make shit up anyway?

Cyan Boomerang: I bet you the perpetrator was black and the victim was white or at the very least white skinned.

Purple Corn: Yeap, but of course it won't be a hate crime since it's already a crime to be white apparently.

Cyan Boomerang: Hate crime laws need to be abolished. Hopefully Trump will win and over turn that madness which is nothing more than liberal racism towards whites.

Orange Guitar: They sent two white cops that look just like the guy she killed... dayum.

Red8 Ball: Another Hillary supporter kills a white male

snowonweb880: Black Lives Matter. HIlary supporters just having fun.

aaron calgary: Looks like a Hillary supporter.

Red Band Aid: Reports: Woman screamed, "Stronger Together, muthafucka!" before shoving man to death

Bike Man 99: Gee, I wonder why they didn't release the race of the victim?

Blue Planet: Because it was the victim's fault for displaying her "white privilege" ?

Red Snow: another person that had more dirt on Hillary

Purple Bone: I can't believe this pregnant nigerian would do such a thing. The photo must be wrong.

How someone ends up thinking like this is beyond me. Pundits keep saying we need to try to understand where these types of people are "coming from" -- that Trump has risen up from this group that feels unheard and left behind -- yet clearly they make zero effort to do the same for anyone not like themselves. The New York Times concurs, noting that if 2008 was an emblem of progress, 2016 has required the grim acceptance of limits and disappointments. Read HERE.

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edmcan said...

While I agree with you Kenneth, let's not forget the anonymity that the internet affords these creatures. I wonder if they would be so vocal face to face. The whole election process has been an epiphany for me, to see people expressing themselves such as this and emboldened by Trump and his nasty mouth. The fact that he seems to have had no reprisals, can only encourage them. One can only hope that after the election the great cesspool of life will reclaim these 'people'.

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