Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The US Festival Revisited

I remember wanting the US Festival(s) to be my generation's version of Woodstock, yet feeling kinda underwhelmed by it all. despite many of my favorite groups being involved. Although I only saw it on television, something about the hot Inland Empire setting with all of that dust blowing around seemed like the antithesis of a good time, confirming my suspicions that concert festivals, like cruises, just weren't for me. (A live version of "Money" by the Pretenders was the best thing I got out of it.) Still, I wasn't actually there, so I'm open to learning more. But if a documentary is to be made to set the record straight, can't multibillionaire festival founder Steve Wozniak pick up the tab instead of begging "us" for cash?

From the Kickstarter pitch:

Remember the US FESTIVAL!

When Music, Technology, People Were UNITED... IN SONG

New documentary film on the innovative and influential 1982 US FESTIVAL - remastered music; never-before-told stories; never-before-seen footage; featured interviews from then and now; campaign now live on Kickstarter!


This campaign is to complete a feature-length documentary on the 1982 US Festival ("US" as in "you and me"), a magnificent, innovative, influential, and sometimes forgotten West Coast mega-concert. The film is mostly done, some of the music is licensed and cleared, this campaign allows us to license additional music and finish post production. If you've not heard about The US Festival, that's either a function of your age, or probably because the story has never been told. It's a really good story though - and we're very proud to tell it.

1982 lineup. It was 110 degrees that weekend and 100 arrests, plus 35 drug overdoses. The festival lost a reported $12 million.

1983 lineup. The reprise festival lost another $12 million and two people reportedly lost their lives.

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Henry Holland said...

I went to the 1983 festival first day. Unfortunately, the traffic was so horrible because all the metalheads for day 2 showed up to stake out a spot that my buddy and I didn't get in until Men at Work were playing. We went because of The Clash but they were sad, nothing like just a year earlier when we'd seen them. Love the Saturday lineup except for the awful Stray Cats. It was a terrible venue, the dust was unreal. Reportedly, Van Halen's David Lee Roth was so wasted that it took forever for them to come on stage while they tried to sober him up.