Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Iowa Man Arrested in ‘Ambush-Style’ Deaths of 2 Officers

Two men in blue had to die because of this racist piece of shit?

The New York Times reports:
Two police officers were shot and killed early Wednesday while sitting in their patrol cars in the Des Moines area, and the authorities later arrested a 46-year-old Iowa man in connection with the “ambush-style attacks.”

The man, identified as Scott Michael Greene, of Urbandale, Iowa, was taken into custody in Dallas County, just west of Des Moines, said Sgt. Paul Parizek, a spokesman for the Des Moines Police Department.

Mr. Greene had had some confrontations with the police in the recent past, as well as minor criminal convictions, but Sergrant Parizek, a spokesman for the Des Moines Police Department, said that the authorities did not yet know of any motive for the shooting, and that “we may never actually know what motivated this act.”

Just a few weeks ago, Urbandale police escorted Mr. Greene from an Urbandale High School football game, Chief McCarty said, after he waved a Confederate flag in front of black students, and others in the crowd complained that he was creating a disturbance. The chief said that Mr. Greene, whose daughter attends the high school, was given a trespass warning, and “was working out with the school officials what are the parameters of when he could be on the school grounds and when he could not.”

The first fatal shooting Wednesday, of Officer Martin, occurred at the intersection where that football field is found, a few blocks from the house where Mr. Greene lives.

A video, apparently shot by Mr. Greene and posted on Oct. 16 to a YouTube account in his name, shows the latter part of that confrontation, in which an officer refers to the man recording the scene as Scott Greene.

In the video, the man is angry, saying that while he was at the game, someone hit him and took away the Confederate flag. Throughout the 10-minute video, the officers tell the man he is being accused of trespassing and causing a disturbance, and that he is no longer permitted on the grounds.

He repeatedly demands that officers return his flag and file assault and robbery charges against “the African-American people that were behind me.”

“I was peacefully protesting,” he said, and asked officers dozens of times what crime he had committed.
And the saddest thing is that half of America seems to be thinking: Why do black people have to be so intolerant of white people being intolerant of blacks?

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