Friday, November 11, 2016

Harry Reads Donald Trump

Harry Reid hits the nail on the head. This isn't a reality show where you had a bad night of drinking and the housemates pretend it never happened the next day, for crying out loud.

The anecdotal evidence that having a leader who thinks it's OK to bully and marginalize people is really starting to add up.

And as I have posted on numerous friends' Facebook pages who are calling for an end to the bitterness and protests, I say this: I know you mean well, but it's far more complex than that. Sure, for some the election result "sucks" and they're merely bummed. But for many of us it is truly the unraveling of a lifetime of work and aspirations. People must realize all of the rights LGBT people have only secured in the past few years -- that allowed me to not feel like a second-class citizen in my own country for the first time in my life -- went on the chopping block overnight. Boom. Just like that. People are hurting and haven't slept in days. I admire people who still have the energy to fight because frankly I'm not sure I have the strength to rebuild, which makes me sad on a whole other level. There was a time when having the pendulum swing from left to right was just a matter of differences of relatively benign policy philosophies. But ever since Republicans have shifted their agenda off the map -- see Overtown window -- the change of power has become a serious threat to our very existence. (Which is to say nothing of other minority groups, several of whom Trump has specifically singled out for persecution.) As a dear friend I would kindly ask that you step outside yourself and find empathy in your heart. This is not people being sore losers. This is people scrambling for their lives.

P.S. It doesn't get much more American than protesting. Have you ever heard of the Boston Tea Party or the civil rights movement?

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barryearle said...

I remember during the primary and afterwards, Hillary supporters on this web site berated Bernie supporters for not excepting her candidacy. Now I believe even more that he would have been the better candidate and would have had a better chance of countering Trump's appeal. Because he, too, wanted dramatic change and agreed with Trump's supporters that the system was rigged against them, against all of us not in the one percent. This was a theme that went either consciously or unconsciously over the head of the so-called Democratic Party leadership (which can only hope will be shown the door ASAP). And so we have Trump and a Republican dominated Congress as well as an America that is Republican dominated. The only hope is that Trump's supporters will be royally screwed by this right-wing leadership (which I believe they will be) and they will revolt even more in two years. If not.....

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