Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hanoi-ingly Yours

I wouldn't trade my mother for the world. But I'd trade her copout "both sides are bad" view of politics for Jane Fonda's in a heartbeat. 

Although attempts to avoid discussing the election were made, it was the elephant in the room -- and it's pretty devastating that my parents seem to have no appreciation for the fact that JUST ONE of the candidates ran on a platform that specifically calls for taking away one of their son's health care; calls for jeopardizing the health insurance of their son with stage four cancer; and calls for robbing yet another son of the civil rights that he only received a few years ago. Mom insists that a president cannot do any of these things -- wanna bet? -- and that elections are often clouded by distractions from what the "real issues" are. Well if these aren't the real issues for our family, what are?

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I wish you a Thanksgiving where you can have four days peace from the trauma and grief of the 2016 election. I never thought I would say
That half of America is idiots, just kidding yes I did . I did it in the Bush v Gore Debacle. Somehow this seems different. My opening shot at my parents would be Paul Ryan plans to take Medicare apart by next Thanksgiving. That should stir the pot. And he really does! xoxo

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