Monday, November 21, 2016

GQ Names Jon Hamm Its Man of Decade

How do we feel about this? I guess it beats Clooney.


Patrick said...

Forget it, poseurs. Your "Man of the Year" doesn't stack up to "Man of the Decade"! Hamm rules the decade!

The Polar Beast said...

On what basis would anyone call Hamm the "Man of the Decade"? Really? What has he done other than walk around with no underwear on under his trousers to deserve any recognition? Has he demonstrated to anyone anywhere that he is more than a pretty face? Surely a "Man of the Decade" has to be more than a handsome face an a cock the size of a well rope. We are in such a deficit of character. What about Dave Eggers?? He is handsome and he has something to say. Okay, he has said A LOT!

jaragon said...

He is a good looking man but that's about it.

edmcan said...

You guys do realize it's GQ Australia, right? He must be very popular down under, but I don't see the US edition with the same cover.

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