Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Women Begin Coming Forward Saying Trump Sexually Assaulted Them

So here we go. Do you think this going to be more like Roger Ailes or Bill Cosby? I thought Anderson Cooper was too much of a bottom during the debate, but I give him credit for pinning Trump down on this.


Another VERY credible accuser has told her story. Read HERE.

And then there's this:

Watch Trump eye a future girlfriend -- when she's 10 -- HERE.


Jeffery said...

The flood gates are opening.

SFRowGuy said...

What's that sound? I think it's the sound of the Don flailing.

Unknown said...

Why did they wait until now??

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@macguffin Fifty four: For the same reason most victims don't: they know they won't be believed and they will be smeared. The reason they felt they could do it now is because he went on national television explicitly denying he'd ever done something like this after having already been caught on tape bragging he had/does. It makes perfect sense. Furthermore, there ARE examples of women who have come forward prior to this, but no one cared/believed them until they heard him brag about his actions.