Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Song of the Day: 'She Brakes for Rainbows' by Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson's solo EP, "Sunrise," is available now HERE. None of the songs have been uploaded to YouTube -- so enjoy this rare live-with-a-backing-track performance from "Wigstock" 1989 -- but here are a few thoughts. The titular opener is an unexpected treat, dare I say almost not sounding like it could be her (in a totally not-an-insult kind of way). Brilliant way to kick this solo effort off. "Take My Time" is what you'd expect from a B girl -- fun and 52 friendly -- and "Brother" has an aggressive, almost Breeders vibe to it. Good stuff. My issues, however, are that a five-song collection then features an instrumental ("Wake Up") and a very atmospheric track ("Corporeal") that kind of reek of filler, which would be a lot more forgivable on a full-length album. Cindy's scheduled solo show at Gramercy Theatre has also been canceled, much to my disappointment, although I can't help wondering if it has anything to do with a solo outing decades in the making turning out to be kind of half-baked.


The concert was rescheduled in Brooklyn -- I didn't make it -- but the EP is online now, and it's growing on me.

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