Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Second Case of Daily PrEP User Contracting HIV Reported

I'm so glad I'm not a swinger:

BuzzFeed reports:
A second man taking the daily HIV-prevention pill Truvada has been infected by a rare drug-resistant strain of the virus. 
The results were presented by Cleveland Clinic HIV specialist Howard Grossman, who unveiled the finding at the 2016 HIV Research for Prevention conference in Chicago on Tuesday. 
The patient, who is not releasing his name or age to protect his privacy, is a gay man who had been taking the drug daily since January 2016. Hair and blood tests confirmed that he had the appropriate blood levels of the pill’s two drugs — tenofovir and emtricitabine — to offer the nearly 99% protection it offers from the virus when taken daily. 
The patient’s long-term partner is HIV-positive but on treatment, with an undetectable viral load in his body. On two occasions and with two separate people, however, the couple had condomless sex with a third person.
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Vixlad said...

I suspected that this might happen again. Let this unfortunate occurrence be a lesson to everyone out there. Always wear a condom, people!