Thursday, October 20, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (10/20)

By the way, if any of your wacky friends or family try to say Gore sued in 2000 over the election results please tell them (in a Donald Trump voice): WRONG! Florida state law MANDATED a recount because of how close the vote was and Gore requested requested a hand recount in certain counties because of ballot irregularities, etc. Bush then sued all the way to the Supreme Court to stop it -- and Gore still graciously conceded in the end..

Cop who fatally shot schizophrenic Bronx woman broke NYPD's 'isolate and contain' rule for mentally ill / Read HERE.

Trump Won’t Say if He Will Accept Election Results / Read HERE.

What Does Nevada’s $35 Billion Fund Manager Do All Day? Nothing / Read HERE.

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