Friday, October 07, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (10/08)

If this preview of The Daily News is any indication, tomorrow is going to be a fun day for the tabloids. It sounds like Nancy O'Dell -- now of "Entertainment Tonight" fame -- was the married woman who wouldn't relent. (For those who didn't know, the Billy Bush he's talking to is W's cousin.) Naturally, Trump would have never said any of these things if not for Bill Clinton ...

UPDATE: To The Post's and WSJ's credit, they too led with this story:

The real story here is that Trump tried to get O'Dell fired from hosting the "Miss USA Pageant" after she'd rebuffed his advances because, you know, that's what you do to some bitch who won't put out. (At least he didn't rape and murder her like most of these types do.) Read HERE.

Disgusts me that Donald Trump's lewd tape is the breaking point for many Republicans -- were you not paying attention to what he said about John McCain, Muslims, Mexicans, certain women and anyone else who doesn't provide him with sexual pleasure up till this point? Read HERE.

The Real Victims of Creepy Clowns: Actual Clowns / Read HERE.

I'll bet Silly Billy concurs ...

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Bill Carter said...

Finally! After all the grotesque things Trump has said and done, it looks like this one is going to stick. is it too soon to say, "Game Over"?

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