Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Magazine Rack

Here's what you're missing by not subscribing to magazines anymore:

The game-changer we've been waiting for: Hillary’s Mr. Fix It Unmasked! Clinton Operative Gives TV Tell-All / Read HERE.

Yes, I'm sure Amy Poehler just signed Carol Brunett to a sitcom because the variety legends is days from death / Read HERE.

What did we do as a nation to deserve Kevin Hart

The Moment Matthew McConaughey Decided to Disappear / Read HERE.

J Balvin and Nicky Jam on TV y Novelas?


Dicky said...

I find J Balvin really hot, but that is a horrible picture of him, the hairstyle too... I am so sad that our oddly free subscription to TV y Novelas miraculously expired.

Steve said...

Just wondering if the Kevin Hart edition is small format. Like about the size of a paperback.

Steve said...

Just wonder if the Kevin Hart magazine is a smaller format, like a paperback book.