Monday, October 03, 2016

Cannibal Frat Boy's Mug Shot Released

*Austin Harrouff is accused of stabbing John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon to death at their Florida home on August 14 
*The teen was found 'eating the face of Stevens and making animal noises' 
*It took several cops, a taser gun and police dogs to pull him off the victim 
* Harrouff fell into in a coma after the attack, as police believe he ingested caustic chemicals, and has been hospitalized since then 
*On Sunday he was charged with two counts of murder and one attempted murder charge for stabbing their neighbor, 47-year-old Jeff Fisher 
*Teen is expected to arrive at prison later this afternoon, police say Harrouff attends Florida State University where he is a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity 
*Sheriff's Department say Harrouff hasn't been able to provide a statement 

I wonder why no one is referring to this guy as a "thug" ...


Unknown said...

I don't think I would refer to this guy as a thug as he was either high on something or mentally unbalanced. The "ingested caustic chemicals" part of this should clue you in that it's not just some mean dude.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I think you're missing the point!