Friday, August 19, 2016

#WhiteLivesMatter in Jupiter, Fla.

Could someone please explain to me why the police have no problem apprehending ALIVE this man who resisted arrest, fought off five officers and multiple tasers and a K9 dog -- who had just murdered two people and eaten one of their faces off -- but the only way they can "apprehend" black men selling CDs and loosie cigarettes on the street is to shoot them dead? I also don't buy that the "face-eating frat boy" was the perfect angel his friends and family are making him out to be when their reaction to his getting up from the table at a restaurant where the service was slow was to CALL THE COPS! (Who does that unless they're dealing with someone with a history of erratic behavior?)  Read HERE.


Mike in Asheville said...

Ain't that the fucking question? It truly is beyond any sense of racial equality and equal protection.

northalabama said...

your answer was in the story, kenneth:

"the responding deputies didn't shoot at Harrouff, fearing their bullets would strike the victim, as they did not know that John was already dead."

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I think you're missing the overall point. :-)

northalabama said...

no, not at all, but maybe you have - did you believe pulling a lochte would make matters any better?

keep the debate legit, or you're only feeding the opposition's talking points.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

You're falling for the narrative. There was a 4-year-old child in the car with Philando Castile and they had no problem blowing him away. #CriticalThinkingMatters

Sandy said...

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Jared Lee Loughner, James Holmes, Dylann Roof, Scott Dekraai, Charles Andrew Williams, Michael McDermott (and so on) were armed and dangerous having just shot and killed dozens of people, but were all arrested without incident.

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