Monday, September 12, 2016

Tom Who?

With Tom Brady serving a four-game suspension over Deflategate, it's the perfect time for us to perv all over Italian stallion backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo. (If I were Giselle, I'd see if Jimmy could fill in for a month in the bedroom, too!) More HERE.

The Patriots even won their first game of the season!


jaragon said...

Now that is a fine looking man

GO Big Blue! said...

Seriously!!!! Freakin' Tom WHO?

Frank said...

We need some ass shots ASAP!! He is so much hotter than Tom Brady ... Yum!! Hopefully he's stacked in the back.

Larry Craig (Not That One) said...

I agree that Jimmy is one hot dude, but he isn't Italian... he's actually a Greek-American!

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