Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Song of the Day: 'Set the Timer' by Tirez Tirez

Happened to have dinner recently with Mikel Rouse, lead singer of the little-known '80s band Tirez Tirez, whose 12-inch single of "Set the Timer" I had back in the day. (He's dating a friend of mine.) When I tried to impress some friends, none of them had ever heard of him, so I sent an email to my kindred '80s spirit, Mark Allen, who had this to say:
Of course I remember Tirez Tirez! I preferred their earlier LPs (two I think?), which I always thought sounded like A Primary Industry, who I loved. Then later they turned into a serious pop band that was little too normal for me. That later LP about the flags ("Too Much Flags?"), I remember seeing that everywhere in Denton, Tx in the late 80's. Everyone was super into it, and even though I wasn't into it the sound of it really takes me back to the social scene in college. Whereas their earlier albums remind me of me and my weird friends in someone's dilapidated house in Denton getting stoned and talking about Death In June and Current 93! LOL!
These days, Rouse describes himself as a "composer and performer who has been developing a thematically adventurous trilogy of multimedia operas that play in theatres and festivals worldwide." His latest album, "Take Down," is available HERE.

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