Monday, September 12, 2016

Song of the Day: 'Labelled With Love' by Squeeze

Pure pop bliss from the band's seminal "East Side Story" album. They're coming to New Jersey and Long Island next month but not the city -- WTF? Debating a little schlepping -- they're one of my favorite bands I've yet to see live. 

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SSSDC1 said...

A single in the UK but not the US! Thus there are two versions of the "Singles-45's and Under" greatest-hits compilation. "Labelled With Love" is replaced with "If I Didn't Love You" on the US edition. Both are good songs so it's a tough choice. I saw them live once back in the 80s, and they sounded great, but they stopped the show cold for a good 10 minutes to divide the audience up into sections to sing the coda of "Black Coffee In Bed." Most people seemed to love it. I found it highly annoying, however. Anyway, the singles collection is a classic. (Assuming hits collections are allowed to be. I say they are.)

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