Thursday, September 08, 2016

Prince Charming: 'I'm Not Ashamed of My Past'

In the new issue of People, "Finding Prince Charming" star Robert Sepulveda Jr. sticks to his story that he only escorted back in the day when he realized he had just $2.14 in his bank account, leaving out the part that many people say he was doing it up until filming of his Logo dating show began. Unlike his previous interviews, though, he does say it "really messed with my self-worth." Later, he vehemently denies having done porn, then says there is "one video" on the Internet that had been made for an old boyfriend ("It feels so violating that someone would take something so private and share it with the world") -- leaving out the fact that there are actually several others of his ejecting a dildo from his ass, drinking a client's semen from a condom, injecting a client's precum into his own penis with a syringe and so on. (Get your story straight, madam. Why are you saying you're not ashamed and then acting so ashamed of yourself?) Read HERE.

Boy Culture agrees the guy's slut-shaming himself at this point. Read HERE.

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