Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Mug Shot Wednesday

Ex-49er tight end Bruce Miller is hot if you can overlook how angry he gets about sandwiches -- be careful, Chris Hayes!

The Daily Mail reports:
Hours before fired 49er Bruce Miller was arrested for assault, a manager at a San Francisco restaurant says he had to kick him out after the player got in a fight over a sandwich. The manager of Tommy's Joynt, Eddie Martin, said Miller had no money and wanted sandwiches from guests and started a fight at the restaurant, though no one was hurt. 'I believe he wanted their sandwiches. The guests were great. They were very calm and amused by the situation,': Martin told The San Francisco Chronicle. Later Monday police were called to a hotel after Miller tried to enter the room of an elderly couple, attacking the 70-year-old man who was staying there and his son, who came to his father's aid. Surveillance footage emerged Tuesday showing Miller stumbling from the drunken fight. He was later arrested and subsequently kicked off the team.

More bad boys HERE.

Mille posted this photo with two hot friends at the Palm House restaurant on Sunday afternoon, hours before his arrest. 


Damian said...

I could cheerfully overlook the sandwiches thing, but probably not that he spells the plural of Sunday as Sunday's.

BW said...

We needed a Dagwood Bumstead for the 21st century.

Steve said...

He will be around the league again. The Cowboys, Raiders or Bill's will probably sign him.

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