Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nico Tortorella of TV Land's 'Younger' Confirms He Dated Instastud Kyle Krieger

So it seems "Younger" star Nico Tortorella's "sexually fluid" routine wasn't just Millennial talk -- he really was dating a guy -- although I wonder if it's the 21st century version of "bisexual."

From a friend who follows these things:
KK is an IG "star"… he's the hair dresser from LA who I would see on IG always with Nico… and I assumed they were dating. He moved to NYC earlier this year. I suspected to be with Nico (who lives in Brooklyn). But then they weren't seen on IG together any more. I guessed again that they'd broken up. KK recently went on a trip to Iceland with my other crush Levi Jackman Foster. KK is documenting it on his YouTube channel. He's basically an internet "star" now… as you do. Also, I'm listening to the podcast and Nico is immediately talking about his attraction to men. 
Season three of "Younger" premieres tonight on TV Land. Nico's podcast, "Love Bomb," can be found HERE.

Well done, Nico! 

See more of Kyle on Instagram HERE.


James Dwight Williamson said...

Kyle Kriegers quote about social media, "Hits or pictures on social media are worth about as much as dollars in Monopoly money" Gotta love that man and brain, also a recovering alcohol meth addiction overcome here. He truly is a man to be taken seriously ,and I do!

Unknown said...

For "Instagram star" read "confirmed narcissist" !!!

Claude Remains

Juan Lopez said...

You sir win my "comment of the day"

Jer said...

This "sexually fluid", "sexual", "queer" nonsense needs to die. People have become so obsessed with not being tagged, which actually leads to more confusion about what sexual orientation actually is, which is what you have sexual desire for and what you're sexually attracted to. It doesn't have anything to do with love or who you actually have sex with or even who you can enjoy sex with. For the most part it seems like it's not coming from real bi-sexual/pan-sexual people but rather from homos who don't want the title of "gay" or "lesbian". Being gay is so emasculating and definitive and some gay men like the idea of still being with women because it makes them feel more like a man or because they don't want to live the "gay lifestyle". It's also coming from heteros who want to be "edgy and "different" and gay-friendly and who don't mind hooking up with people outside of the opposite cis gender. There are tons of real sexual orientations nowadays, very descriptive ones. Find which one you are and embrace it. Because this current trend (particularly from gay/bi/pan celebs who fear being judged or losing jobs) just leads to confusion and self-denial.