Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Dan Savage Offers Some Sexy Fixes for Logo's 'Finding Prince Charming'

Dan Savage joins the chorus of people saying the premise of Logo's "Finding Prince Charming" is fatally flawed because it makes no sense for the guys in the house to sit around pining for "The One" when they could just as easily pair off and start f**king now. But Dan takes it one step further in trying to fix this hopelessly heteronormative show, offering a couple of far more titillating scenarios -- like having 13 power bottoms vie for the affection of one topman. Or casting one hunky older bear as the bachelor and 13 skinny twinks who are exclusively attracted to daddies -- or vice versa. (Yes and yes!) Read HERE.

Meanwhile: In case you're interested, Robert Sepulveda Jr. seems to have issued another statement addressing his escort past, yet continues to come across as someone with a huge cock who is so used to getting everything his way because of his huge cock he cannot fathom why anyone would question anything he says or does. Read and see his huge cock HERE.

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edmcan said...

Gee, just finished reading his rant. I think I'd believe it more if he spelled better, but I'm sure he can defend that too.