Monday, September 19, 2016

Chelsea Bomb Suspect Arrested in New Jersey After Gun Battle

The New York Times reports that the man believed to be responsible for the explosion in Manhattan on Saturday night and an earlier bombing in New Jersey, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was taken into custody on Monday after he was wounded in a gunfight with the police. The dramatic episode on a rain-soaked street in Linden, N.J., came after the police issued a cellphone alert to millions of residents in the area telling them to be on the lookout for Mr. Rahami, 28, who was described as “armed and dangerous.”

Kudos to law enforcement for making such a quick arrest. Happy to hear this has come to a carnage-free conclusion, yet I'm still left wondering two things:

Rahami's sister says she is "shocked" that her brother would do this, despite the fact that he spent more than two months in jail after having been arrested on domestic violence charges for allegedly attempting to STAB HER. (Huh?)

Also: Rahami shot at officers -- he struck one twice -- yet they were able to apprehend this incredibly dangerous man alive, yet black people selling CDs and loosie cigarettes have to be executed on the spot for their alleged infractions?

Apparently he "found religion" after visiting his Afghanistan homeland, which sounds odd. When my nephew went to Bible camp he came back and joined a group that builds houses for underprivileged families in Mexico.  Read HERE.

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Michael Diamond said...

what I'd like to know is how they figured out it was him so fast. Did they already have him under surveillance? And if so, why was he able to plant the bombs at all?