Sunday, August 21, 2016

You Can't Hide Your Ryan Eyes

At the risk of "over-exaggerating*," I could get lost in Ryan Lochte's pool-blue eyes -- but boy is this guy a dunce. You can't say you're taking "full responsibility" for lying about something while also insisting you weren't necessarily not telling the truth. #tantics

*Over-exaggerate is not a word.

Bottom photos from HERE.


Myk said...

what does "over exaggerating "even mean???

Grand Central Terminal said...

I was disappointed when I clicked on the link that said "bottom photos". Anyway, this whole mess was a dumb thing that some people did and if it had been anyone else anywhere else it would have been over by now. Im done with this story. I just don't care about it.

macguffin Fifty four said...

But he didn't lie. This is like the Hilary Clinton "lying" story. People imagine what they want to hear, I guess. What he said happened actually happened. He embellished the story, and the language barrier created some assumptions and wrong conclusions on his part, but the worst he did was rip down a poster. If you were in a foreign country at night and a man in plain clothes came rushing at you and pulled a gun on you and demanded money in a foreign tongue --what would you think? But yes, he is a moron and he is gorgeous. But pretty or not, he really didn't do anything wrong in telling his story. Just an overreaction by everyone all around.

Bob K said...

Didn't Joan Rivers compare him to her vagina --- "not interesting when dry"?

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