Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Obama Calls Trump Unfit, Urges Republicans to Repudiate Him

As much as I feel President Obama felt compelled, for love of country, to speak out against Donald Trump's candidacy, I really wish we'd keep focused on the fact that it's the Republican platform that we're running against here, not one person. Trump rose to the top of the heap by feeding into the GOP's delusion that white people are the victims of a changing society. And now that he's finally being called out on all of the horrible things he's said/done, he's portraying himself as a victim who is being unfairly ganged-up on -- just as longtime racists who are finally being called out on their crap are. (Now "billionaire" Donald truly is "one of them"!) In short: They're all this awful, he's just a bit louder. You need only look at what happened when bluish North Carolina went completely red again to know what I'm saying is true. One minute it's 2009, the next it's 1949.


Anonymous said...

nytimes just reported trump has almost matched hillary's cash following july gop fundraising efforts, and this is scary news.

since his initial funds were loans, not donations, has he now paid himself back, in full? whatever happened to his promises to self-fund his campaign? do we finally get to see his tax returns?

Dwight Williamson said...

The source of Donald J. Trumps July fundraising numbers , was Donald J. Trump. At least the amount. As for sympathy Kenny, Trump has maxed out with uneducated white males, his base. I think all the other demographics not only don't have sympathy for him, they are shifting or heavily considering shifting their vote. The problem unfortunately is the press, talking about campaign instability etc. Let's not kid our selves , Trump is crazy. He is simply a snake who could win the election given the perfect storm. There are many sane minds watching his sociopath mind as it continues its scorched earth path to nowhere!

Anonymous said...

dwight - yes, trump made himself another loan, but the breakdown of donations i saw last night listed the rnc as the single largest july fundraising source, and reports indicated the majority of the donations were smaller amounts from individual donations.

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